General terms and conditions

In online store all who accept our business policy are allowed to shop.

The seller:

Wolff-Art&Cons Bt. (address: 1026 Budapest Endrődi Sándor u. 22/B 2/7, tax number:24786049-1-41, registration number 01-06-787388)


The customer:

Everybody is considered as a customer who is using our webshop. With shopping the customer accepts the business policy.


The object of contract:

Every products and services that can be found in the seller's store.



Only online ordering is possible in the seller's store. We only accept the order if the customer gives us all the required information (Name, address, telephone number, email) which are handled confidential. We do not take responsability for any kind of damage caused by the lack of these information about the customer. Our prices are only available in case of online ordering.



The buyer is obliged to pay the whole price of the ordered products in the payment method the customer was chosen in the webshop. In case of bank transfer, credit card payment and PayPal payment methods paying is always a payment in advance, and the product will be posted after cleared payment. The prices of the products found in the Online Store are gross prices, containing 0 % VAT (Value Added Tax).


Right of withdrawal from the purchase, return policy:

According to the 17/1999. (II.5.) law Article we guarantee the right of withdrawal from the contract and the return of the ordered products without justification. The customer has the right to cancel the purchase without justification in 14 days after acceptance. In these 14 days for cancelling it is enough to email a cancellation notice. The customer has to return the item in his/her own cost. In this case the seller is obliged to pay back the whole purchase price to the customer, thirty days after return at latest. Return is not refer to the other administrative and delivery fees.

The right of withdrawal is not concerned of the ordered products with special signals (monogram, logo, branding etc.).

The seller is only obliged to pay back the whole price if the item was complete, unused and undamaged. The seller may refuse the return of the returned products if the seller detected changes in the returned items (missed parts, use or damage), except cases when the changes were within the limits of general expectations (including fit-on/reviewing product). Through avoiding the contract it has to be deemed null and void.


Terms and conditions concerning the ordering of saddles

The making of saddles is by prior consultation, which results (type, form, color, design, measure, accessories, expected deadline) are recorded in writing and after that only a limited amount of changes is possible by consulting the seller. For the raw materials of saddles we are asking for a deposit, which we cannot pay back in case of cancellation of the order if the ordering/purchasing of the raw materials happened already and we sent email notification about it.



We are collecting and using our customers personal data only for fulfillment of economic tasks, for organising sales and promotion campaigns of Wolff-Art&Cons Bt; observing the rules of the law about protecting and handling personal data . You may ask information at any time about the usage of your personal data and furthermore you may ask it's correction, supplement and delete regarding the different personal data either seperate too. The Wolff-Art&Cons Bt. does not give our customers personal data to other companies for any goal. Data registration ID: NAIH-81511/2014.



We are holding the right to cancel the discount prices or rather change other prices. We do not take responsability for damages caused by incorrect spelling or other computer error.


Guarantee for new products ordered from the Webshop

The seller takes responsibility for the customer if the product was not the same as in the contract.

Guarantee can be validated by the invoice after the purchase date in 1 year, in case of saddles in 5 years if the problem was caused by manufacturing error If the customer cannot validate this right in this term because of a documented and excusable reason the validating time will be 2 years. The claim is considered as communicated within 1 month after the discovery of error. In case of the acceptance of the claim the customer may choose between the repair and change of the product. The manufacturer must try to make the repair or change in 15 days at best. If the repair or change is not possible the seller shall offer a price cut or the customer shall withraw from the contract. About the guarantee validation has to be written a report in each case.

If the guarantee claims are right, the seller will reimburse the cost of returning to the customer in case of a standard package as well.